The Professional Driver's Choice
for Over 50 Years

RoadKing brings communication technology and convenience to the road with CB microphones and Bluetooth® headsets that make communications easier and sharper while continuing to set standards for the trucking industry for over 50 years.


Key Features of RoadKing microphones include:
- Noise canceling microphones for clear communication
- 4 Pin connector, adapts to any 4 pin radio
- Rugged design for the professional CB user

Key Features of RoadKing Bluetooth® headsets include:
- Noise canceling technology for clear audio
- Multi-Point allows connection to two cell phones at the same time
- Up to twice the wireless freedom of most Bluetooth headsets

Key Features of RoadKing Heavy-Duty Charging Accessories include:
- Charging Power with Dual USB ports and total output of 3.4-4.8 Amps
- Professional grade durability with braided 4.0 mm cables, upgraded metal tips and casing, and large button contacts
- Convenience with up to 12 ft. cords, removable fuse, power-indicating base, and dual device charging
- Compatibility with Apple® 30-Pin, Lightning®, and Micro USB


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